Bespoke Shape shutters

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Special Shaped shutters will fit where no other window dressing dare to go. We can survey your shutters to fit arch, circle, hexagon, triangle, etc, etc.

Special shaped or arched Shutters will transform those windows that you thought couldn’t be dressed. Special shaped shutters will now make a feature out of what was once an eyesore. These stunning shaped shutters instantly bring that area of the home to life, an immediate transformation just by putting shutters up.

If you’re looking to colour match your walls (Farrow Ball etc), London Interior Blinds can offer this on our hardwood shutter range.

  • Hardwood, Faux wood, MDF, white teak
  • Additional Extras – Silent Tilt (No tilt Bar)
  • Centre bar, Split tilt (Various positions)
  • Midrail
  • Coloured hinges
  • Face fix frames
  • Bi-folding frames
    and many more options available