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Our full height shutters are generally the most popular style to have as they will suit and fit most windows. Full height shutters literally cover the full height of a window and the panels can also be split with a divider or mid-rail. Up to two mid-rails can be added to each panel if required.

This divider or mid-rail allows the louvres to be adjusted independently but the panels will open as one. This means full privacy can be maintained by closing the bottom set of louvres whilst allow light in by opening the top set.

The mid-rail also has a second function. On taller shutters it adds strength and stability to the panel and if the shutter height is greater than 1800mm the mid-rail is compulsory to prevent any chance of warping. This is part of the manufacturer’s guidelines and allows warranties to be maintained.

If you’re looking to colour match your walls (Farrow Ball etc), London Interior Blinds can offer this on our Hardwood shutter range

  • Hardwood, Faux wood, MDF, white teak
  • Additional Extras – Silent Tilt (No tilt Bar)
  • Centre bar, Split tilt (Various positions)
  • Midrail
  • Coloured hinges
  • Face fix frames
  • Bi-folding frames
    and many more options available …