Child safe blinds

All our window blinds are supplied and fitted with safety in mind and there are a number of options for you to choose from. By law, all blinds fitted must be child safe, whether or not you have children living with you. Please speak with a member of our staff to find out more…. Alternatively visit the BBSA website with full details.


Cordless operating systems

We offer a variety of child safe blinds, that are operated without cords and chains, to best suit your needs and interior.
Our motorisation range provides a variety of convenient yet affordable solutions for both domestic and commercial projects. We can supply either rechargeable Lithium motor with remote control operation or the mains powered AC motor.

The Louvolite Perfect Fit® frame that clicks into uPVC window and door frames. You have the choice between our roller, pleated, cellular or venetian blinds, which are concealed neatly within the Perfect Fit frame.
Roller blinds operated with our Soft Rise Spring Return system raise smoothly up to a pre-set upper stop when released.


Child safety devices

Blinds with cords or chains must always be secured with a child safety device as the cords and chains pose as a potential strangulation and entanglement hazard. A cord tidy must be fitted at a height of at least 1.5m from the floor.

Our roller and roman blinds must be fitted with either a cord tidy or Easybreak® connectors. Our pleated and cellular blinds must be fitted with a cord safety tassel.
Easybreak® connectors are safety features for chain operation which disconnect when a certain amount of force is applied to the chain. If disconnection occurs accidentally these are easy to reconnect.


Additional safety steps

Keep all cords and chains out of reach of children using the Child Safety Devices.
Loose cords or chains should never be tied together and prevent loops from forming.
Furniture that children use or could climb on should be kept away from your windows