Roman Blind
Our Roman blinds provide that cosy feel, framing your windows and giving privacy when down
Compliment any space with our soft furnishings

Roman blinds

The most stylish and elegant soft furnishing blind, very appealing to the eye with overlapping design and visibly smooth when blocking out the sun, offering complete privacy with a subtle and classic design. Offering a hand stitched for perfection and a machine manufactured option. These blinds really can be the WOW factor in your rooms.

Enhance your window with our stylish Roman blinds


  • Blackout / inter / thermal linings
  • Motorised – battery and mains powered
  • Large range of beautiful fabrics, patterns and colours
  • Protection from draughts and cold
  • Flame retardant (commercial)
  • Boxed pelmet options


All our Roman blinds are available with the following

3 Year Guarantee

Roman styles

Waterfall Roman Blind


Comprising of folds of equal size, so that all the folds are level when the blind is pulled up. The waterfall option means each fold is a little longer than the last to create a staggered effect when the blind is pulled up.

Parallel Roman Blinds


The pocket sizing is staggered so that smaller folds occur towards the top and front of the blind when it is folded up, creating a cascade effect.

London Roman Blind


London style Roman blinds, are a cross between a Roman and Austrian blind. This classic style is appropriate for more formal settings

Blackout Fabrics

Upgrade to Blackout fabric
FREE of charge

For a limited time only we are offering an upgrade to blackout fabric.

Lining options

Standard Lining


A standard lining to filter light and help protect fabric from the effects of the sun.

Thermal Lined


A slightly padded lining with additional thermal properties, making it our most energy efficient blind.

Blackout Lining


Blackout lining ensures that no light gets through your Roman blind and provides extra warmth and privacy.

Why not upgrade your Roman blinds

Roman Blind accessories


Personalise your blinds with our range of accessories.

  • A large selections of braids and pulls
  • Choose from a range of control chains: White, antique, chrome and black
  • Discreetly hide the operating mechanism with our range of cassettes, available in a range of colours and finishes


Add a motor to your blinds, allowing you to control your blinds via your mobile through a downloadable app.

  • Control your blinds via your mobile device
  • Multiple blinds can be set up and operated in various rooms
  • Set your blinds to open and close on a timer

Colours & fabrics

We stock a huge range of fabrics and colours. View our full range.